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Eastside Punks Podcast

The Eastside Punks Podcast is a straight forward podcast produced by Roman Rojas about the world of entertainment and the arts. The main hosts of the show are music producers Roman Rojas and Fran Cathcart.

Eastside Punks #23 / Catching Up With Music Journalist Isabela Raygoza

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Isabela Raygoza is a music journalist and musician. She’s also a contributor for Rolling Stone Magazine, Remezcla, the Latin Grammys and is currently working for Soundcloud in New York City.

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Eastside Punks #22 / Musician Percussionist Jonathan Gomez Interview

28 year old percussionist Jonathan Gomez was born in Bogota, Colombia. There is no question as to why he has been able to take traditional Colombian music to popular venues around the US. His musical career began at the age of 5 at “Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Colombia” then continued at the “Pontificia Universidad Javeriana” where he gained a better understanding of world music.

He has performed in renown festivals such as Globalfest, Music of Colors (Detroit) and SXSW (Austin, TX) among others. He has also participated in the first Colombian musical presented at the Lincoln Center, “La Mas Grande Historia Jamas Cantada” and earned a Grammy Award with the Arturo O’farrill & his Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra. Jonathan has an extensive career in the salsa scene in Colombia as part of “La Real Charanga”, recording two productions and taking first place in “Salsa al Parque” and "Jazz al Parque”. He has had the opportunity of playing and recording with many well-known artists such as Luisito Carrión, Luis Felipe Gonzalez, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Kader Japonaise & Shwekey to name a few. Jonathan currently resides in New York City. 

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Eastside Punks #21 / Producer, Storyteller Trina Bardusco Interview

Trina Bardusco is an American-Venezuelan producer and director with fifteen years’ experience translating global culture into award-winning content for American audiences. She is passionate about innovative storytelling, championing multiculturalism and aspirational content for women. Trina has written, directed, produced and or co-hosted a total of nine web series for and about women in both English and Spanish, including 500+ videos for Yahoo en Español that were sponsored by Procter & Gamble. An experienced bilingual brand liaison for agencies, and show sponsors, she understands the art of authentic contextual integration into US Hispanic and global programs. 

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Eastside Punks #20 / 2018 Latin Music Review With Journalist/Musician Isabela Raygoza

Isabela Raygoza is a music journalist and musician. She’s also a contributor for Rolling Stone Magazine, Remezcla, the Latin Grammys and different music streaming services.

Isabella stopped by our studios and talked about the impact of Latin Music in 2018 in the US market. We also counted down Rolling Stone Magazine’s 10 Best Latin Albums of 2018 of which she was one of the contributing writers. We also talked about future trends and influential artists for 2019.

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Eastside Punks #19 Grammy Winning Mixing Engineer And Musician Andy Averbuch Interview

Grammy award winning engineer and musician Andy Averbuch stopped by our NYC studios to talk about his career in the music industry.

Andy is currently working with Grammy award winners Mariachi Flor De Toloache and is also the co-founder of the virtual reality company Endless Riff.
We talked about his recent trip to Uruguay to collaborate with celebrated South American band No Te Va A Gustar. Draco Rosa, Jorge Drexler among other iconic Latin American artists. We also spoke about his experience working with musician/producer Camilo Lara founder of Mexican Institute Of Sound who has been involved in projects such as the Pixar movie Koko and the film Birdman.

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Eastside Punks #18 - Stories and adventures of the NYC Subway Musicians

On this episode of the East Side Punks podcast music producers Roman Rojas and Fran Cathcart talk about musicians in the New York City subway. They also re-visit an interview of music producer Jamie Propp and his record Subplay that featured some of the best performers of the New York City subway. We also listened to a couple of songs played live by subway performer Mariko Morimoto.

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Eastside Punks #17 - Tracy's Journey From Primatology To Rock N'Roll Photography

On this episode of the Eastside Punks podcast we interviewed primatologist/rock n’ roll photographer Tracy Ketcher.

After working for nearly eight years in primatology and extensive travel, Tracy Ketcher has generated a photographic catalog that is both eclectic as well as diverse.  Having directly cared for gorillas (including Koko the gorilla) housed in foundations throughout the western world, Tracy was able to capture striking images of one of our nearest genetic neighbors.  Now Tracy has focused her lens on a different kind of animal: the Rock Star.

 Currently, Tracy primarily shoots live music performances and high end special events in and around the New York metropolitan area.  Tracy has involved herself in the music scene where she has been documenting the work of some of today's most influential Artists.  Her unique images capture the raw power that these performers exhibit.  Most recently, Tracy has photographed artists and talent such as Alice In Chains, Justin Bieber, Slash, Elvis Costello, 311 and Patti Smith.  She has contributed work to several published books, commercially released DVDs and has been appeared in many leading publications including Rolling Stone, The Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Live Nation's  online entities, Metal Hammer, Metal Edge, Bass Player, Time Out New York & The Philadelphia Enquirer, among others.

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Eastside Punks #16 - The creative process of producing music for advertising and creative director Danilo Alvarez

On this episode of the Eastside Punks Podcast we talk about the process of what it takes to produce music for advertising. We also look back at an interview of veteran creative director Danilo Alvarez and his experience producing music for tv commercials.

Some of the agencies Danilo has worked for include: Yates World Wide, Disney’s Yellow Shoes, Accent Marketing, Young & Rubicam, and D Exposito & Partners. Danilo is currently creative director at Discovery Channel in New York City.

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Eastside Punks #15 - Music Publisher Juan Carlos Barguil Interview

Juan Carlos Barguil is a veteran music publisher and partner in the digital record label/publisher Sunflower Entertainment. In his years in music publishing he has worked with some of the biggest innovators in the music industry. Juan Carlos still runs Sunflower Entertainment with Jamar Chess in partnership with Spirit Music, one of the largest independent music publishers in the US.

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Eastside Punks #14 - Latin Grammy Award Winner Mireya Ramos of Mariachi Flor De Toloache Interview

2017 Latin Grammy winner Mireya Ramos of Mariachi Flor De Toloache came by the studio to co-write a song with Roman Rojas and Fran Cathcart of the Eastside Punks. We took this opportunity to interview her for our podcast.

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Eastside Punks #13 - Abner Monegro Interviews Roman and Fran

On this episode of the Eastside Punks Podcast Roman Rojas and Fran Cathcart reverse rolls, from interviewers to interviewees! Veteran music business manager Abner O. Monegro guest hosts the Eastside Punks Podcast and interviews Roman and Fran. 

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Eastside Punks Podcast #12 - The Great John Benitez

Music producer/composer Roman Rojas and singer songwriter Sharin Toribio of go back in time to a 2007 interview with legendary Grammy Award winning musician/composer/arranger John Benitez. They also listen and react to some of the commercial music Roman Rojas produced a few years ago with John Benitez and talk about his incredible contribution to the arts. 

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Eastside Punks #11 - Singer Songwriter Sharin interview

Roman Rojas of Eastsidepunks had an amazing conversation with singer/songwriter Sharin Toribio. 

A little about Sharin. 

Tampa, Florida native and student vocalist Sharin Toribio began performing at age six, composing at age nine, and earning awards and accolades in her teens. When she was 20, she was diagnosed with stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She survived seven months of chemotherapy and clinical trials and today is cancer-free.

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Eastside Punks Podcast #10 - Singer/Songwriter Karolina Rose Interview

We had the pleasure of interviewing this amazing up and coming indie artist in our New York City studios. 

About Karolina Rose:

Karolina Rose is a Polish-American singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NYC. She was born and raised in Philadelphia to Polish parents and is musically inspired by Kate Bush, Debbie Harry and Madonna. Karolina made the decision to quit her career in the investment industry last year in order to commit to making music her full-time profession.

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Eastside Punks Podcast #9 - Musician and Songwriter Travis Nilan

Singing as a portrait with Steven Tyler on a Skittles commercial, winning the Abe Olman Scholarship, playing Peter Parker on an off Broadway show in New York City, writing the theme song for one of Telemundo Deportes World Cup 2018 shows, collaborating with an ex FC Barcelona soccer superstar on a song, Travis Nilan seems to do it all! We sat down with Travis who happens to be one of our producers/writers here at Eastside Punks and talked about his career in music. 

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Eastside Punks Podcast #8 - Musician Mariko Morimoto Interview

Even before Mariko Morimoto was handed her first acoustic guitar at 15, she knew she wanted to pursue music. Although she spent the first five years of her life in Japan, Mariko grew up in the suburbs of Boston, where she was lured and encouraged by the local music scene. She began actively songwriting during her high school years, and her took her aspirations to New York soon thereafter. 

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Eastside Punks Podcast #7 - Max Bolotov of Koncept VR Interview

On this episode of Eastside Punks Podcast music producer Roman Rojas and music business manager Abner Monegro talked to Max Bolotov, VR Account Director and Executive Producer at Koncept VR In New York City. KVR is one of the top virtual reality production companies in New York. Some of their clients include: Conde Nast Traveler, Broadway's Aladdin, Broadway's School Of Rock, Cavit Wines, Covia, New York Times, Jay Leno's Garate among others. 

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Eastside Punks Podcast #6 - Musician Adam Stoler Interview

We spent time with musician Adam Stoler and we talked about his life on the road and life experiences that have shaped his music. 

Not just another sideman, Adam continues to break barriers through his own work as a performer, guitarist, producer, and his continued cross-genre artistry and collaborations with top artists around the world.

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Eastside Punks #5 - Boris Muñoz, Opinion Editor at New York Times Español

Boris Muñoz is a fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard. He is a Ph.D in Hispanic American Literature from Rutgers University. Author of several books, including La ley de la calle, testimonios de jóvenes protagonistas de la violencia en Caracas (Fundarte,1995) and Despachos del imperio (2008). He co-edited with Silvia Spitta, Más allá de la ciudad letrada, Crónicas y espacios urbanos (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003). In 2000 he received the Fellowship of the Humanities Institute at Dartmouth CollegeΩ and the First Accésit of the Premio Internacional de Periodismo Fernando Lázaro Carreter in Madrid.

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Eastside Punks Podcast #4 - Novelist David Swinson Interview

We sat down with writer David Swinson to talk about his new book "Crime Song",  the follow up to one of The New York Times top 10 best crime novels of 2016 "The Second Girl". We also talked about his involvement in music, film, as a D.C. detective and his experiences with luminaries such as  Dr. Timothy LearyJohn Waters and Jim Carroll among others. 

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