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The Eastside Punks Podcast is a straight forward podcast produced by Roman Rojas about the world of entertainment and the arts. The main hosts of the show are music producers Roman Rojas and Fran Cathcart.

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Eastside Punks #17 - Tracy's Journey From Primatology To Rock N'Roll Photography

On this episode of the Eastside Punks podcast we interviewed primatologist/rock n’ roll photographer Tracy Ketcher.

After working for nearly eight years in primatology and extensive travel, Tracy Ketcher has generated a photographic catalog that is both eclectic as well as diverse.  Having directly cared for gorillas (including Koko the gorilla) housed in foundations throughout the western world, Tracy was able to capture striking images of one of our nearest genetic neighbors.  Now Tracy has focused her lens on a different kind of animal: the Rock Star.

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